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                Welcome to the official website of Jiangyin Anshi Colour Printing & Packaging CO.,LTD


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                Anshi Colour Printing&Packaging[2015-9-7]

                Jiangyin Anshi Colour Printing&Packaging Co.,LTD was founded in 2002,specializing in production sealing film,automatic packaging film, bags,heat shrinkable film, etc. After years of development, has become a collection of graphic design, platemaking,printing, cutting, bag making in integrative se

                The company has 9 color printing presses[2015-9-7]

                The company has 9 color printing presses compound machine,Check product machine, cutting machine, bag making machine,Crossing their machine,automatic computer control packaging equipment, strong technical force and high quality talents, advancing with The Times the management idea,the scientific

                The good faith for this, the results sharing[2015-9-7]
                 "The good faith for this, the results sharing" is our principle of management, each product is the effott of the person's cast. Stable quality, reasonable price, sincere service is our consistent pursuit; Customer first, the credibility of the first ,and mutual benefit to you. The products are
                The outstanding personality is clever[2015-9-7]
                The company is locoated in the ancient town of millennuium with ancient breath with beautiful environment--Changing. The outstanding personality is clever, good products from the earth a nature's treasures ,superior in the geographical position ,the traffic is convenien
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